Okay,lets continue to my own 15 Favorite Trap Card. Here the list :
(sorry for bad grammar and weird english, pardon)

Editor : Miko Djatmiko

compilation trap 1


compilation trap 2

1. Torrential Tribute
Well, this card is pretty useful when you faced against swarm-based deck like Blackwing, Sattelarknight, Burning Abyss, etc. The only problem is the timing to activated it.. make sure you really stop enemy combo all for once and make he/she lost so many resources.

2. Bottomless Trap Hole
Pretty handy Trap Card. Can be used in any Deck. In current metagame, this card is very broken if you used it against Pendulum-Deck. Banish for all !! hehehe.

3. Wiretap
What ? Ushio’s Trap ? Yes, thats it. I think this card has no cost for sure. Return the Trap instead destroy it? Hey that will decrease his/her chance to draw ace card. Even one card, it can changes everything in duel. Believe me.

4. Compulsory Evacuation Device
This card really useful to handle some beater monster that can’t be destroyed by battle or effect. Just return it to his/her hand. Also you can use this card to prevent one of your monster from mass destruction effect.

5. Mirror Force
Ultimately powerful card (for me of course) and one of Yugi’s ace trap. It can blast away swarm of your opponent’s monsters that try to attack you. In this current format, you can use 3 copies of Mirror Force for your sake.

Yugioh, Gintama and other nice keychain…Gotcha

6. Solemn Notice
This card is very useful in this current format. It has two very crucial effect to stop your opponent’s combo. I thought this card will be Semi-Limited on next banlist.

7. Vanity’s Emptiness
Honestly, i hate this card. But this card has great benefit on some deck that doesn’t rely so much on Special Summoning (Monarch, LADD variant, Stun, Burn, etc). Make sure you have Mystical Space Typhoon on your backrow if you faced this card.

8. Breakthrough Skill
One of few trap cards that can use its effect on graveyard. Pretty useful to prevent your opponent’s move or break his/her combo.

9. Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare
Yeah.. this card gain popularity too in this current format. Pretty useful against Ignition or Trigger effect of some monster. Utopia the Lightning, BLS-EOTB, Judgement Dragon and other Special Summoned monster can be handled by this card. Really interesting, isn’t it?

10. Debunk
An answer to handle some naughty card that may interrupt our combo. Like Veiler, D.D. Crow, etc. In other hand, you can use this card to disturb your opponent’s strategy.

11. Skill Drain
Cheap cost and you can negate the effect of all face up Effect Monster. Make sure you used deck like GK-Malefic, Qliphort, Stun variant, etc.

12. Soul Drain
Just like Skill Drain, this card is nightmare for meta deck nowaday, especially that depend on Graveyard to make some combo. Prepare yourself dude !!

13. Solemn Warning
An easy way to negate any attemp to summon monsters. Brag it now !!

14. Royal Decree
Another way if you are too scared against backrow nowaday. Come on.. try this card for sure.

15. Starlight Road
Yes..this card is useful against mass destruction effect. Additionaly, you can Special Summon Yusei’s ace named Stardust Dragon for some beater or gains once more negater’s effect.

Again,Im sorry for my poor English. May Fortune Goddess always be with you…

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